5 Places Not To Use Your Debit Card

1.) The pump: Card skimmers at gas stations are on the rise. Use your credit card at the pump for an added layer of protection. 
2.) Isolated ATMs: Never use a secluded ATM in an empty store. These isolated ATMs are prime targets for hackers. 
3.) A new location: When on vacation, think before you swipe. You don’t know the area and you don’t know who can be trusted. It’s best to use a credit card or cash. 
4.) Large purchases: If springing for a big-ticket item, use your credit card. If your card has a rewards program tied to it, you’ll earn a little in return for your buy.   
5.) Restaurants: Unless your restaurant has a tableside payment system, use a credit card or cash. Once it’s out of your hand, it’s out of your control! 
Use your debit card with caution and stay ahead of hackers and identity thieves!